Joe & Michelle's Holiday Concert Series Week 2 Review!

We had a wonderful line-up of performances last week on the Joe & Michelle Q92 Holiday Concert Series.  Did you hear any of them?  All the videos are below for you to enjoy!

Friday was extra special because Michelle and I were broadcasting the Morning Show from the McDonald's on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie.  So our concert that day, featuring "Cherished Memories," happened right there in the restaurant!  Wow, it was wonderful.  (To find out more about this great acappella group, visit their Facebook page here.)  

Friday, December 7 – Cherished Memories

  • Thursday, December 6 – Key of Q
  • Wednesday, December 5 – Ang n’ Ed
  • Tuesday, December 4 – Michelle Barrone
  • Monday, December 3 – Musical Misses

We have another great line-up this week too.  To see the schedule, you can visit here.  

photos and video by Felicia (THANK YOU FELICIA)

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