The Musical Misses Visit Our Holiday Concert Series!

These two lovely women performed yesterday morning on Joe & Michelle's Q92 Holiday Concert Series and brought some warm holiday cheer to our listening audience, as well as to some special guests we had in the studio audience.  

Maryetta, in the middle, plays the piano and her sister, Lia-Marie sings.  We are happy to say that both Maryetta and Lia-Marie have been part of our radio family for many many years, and it is always a pleasure to have them with us.  To find out more about the Musical Misses, you can visit their Facebook page here.  Please enjoy a little sample of their Monday morning performance below.   It comes with their wish that you enjoy a very happy holiday and new year.

And to find out more about our Holiday Concert Series, you can visit here.  

Thank you, Felicia, for the video and photo!



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