Parents Share The Funny Names Kids Give To Everyday Things

It’s always exciting when your child starts talking, but until they really learn English many tend to come up with their own names for certain foods and items, and often times they are hilarious. My 3 year old last year would refer to Subway as “Husboy”.

A bunch of parents shared the funny names their kids give to everyday things. They include:

·“My son calls grated parmesan cheese ‘spaghetti sprinkles’ and now our whole family calls it that. It makes spaghetti sound so much more fun and festive!”

·“My 5-year-old calls aprons ‘baking capes.’”

·“My 6-year-old claims her 8-year-old brother gives her ‘migrating headaches.’”

·“Detergent is ‘laundry sauce.’”

·“My 3.5-year-old started calling watches ‘time bracelets.’ And she’s really onto something.”

·“My kids called the washing machine the ‘wetter’ ― as in the opposite of the dryer.”

·“My daughter loved salad when she was little. Every time we went to a restaurant she’d order ‘leaves and dip.’”

·My son asked if people ‘kiss under the cameltoe’? Even typing this, I burst out laughing.”

·“My 4-year-old calls a bikini ‘zucchini.’”

·“My daughter said ‘arts and craps’ instead of ‘arts and crafts.’”

·“My son calls a plunger a ‘dookie puncher’ and a popsicle an ‘ice pickle.’”

·“Every store is Target but defined by its color. ‘Red Target’ = Target, ‘Orange Target’ = Home Depot, ‘Gray Target’ = Costco.”

·“My son just said my dad’s dog is ‘non-apologetic.’ He meant hypoallergenic." 

Source: Huffington Post Image © 2020 Getty Images