Guy Who Failed Playing A Claw Machine Game 200 Times in a Row Calls Police

We all know those claw machines at the arcade are made for suckers. While they look super easy, they are actually impossible to operate.

A Japanese man found this out the hard way and after failing to win a single prize after 200 consecutive tries, he called the police.

Interestingly, the police asked the arcade operator to prove that you could actually WIN with the machine but the owner couldn't do it! Not even once in 300 attempts. As a result, the owner moved some of the prizes to a more favorable location inside the machine and finally picked one up.

The police didn't take any actions against the arcade or the machine manufacturer this time. Then the story went super-viral on Instagram and things got so heated online that the claw machine's manufacturer, Japanese corporation SEGA, issued a statement on the matter which read in part: "As a whole, crane games are meant to be enjoyed as a way for customers to try their skill and luck, and (are) played knowing that when they put money in, a prize may not necessarily come out. So maybe don't waste your money on claw machines if you're in it for the prizes, and not just the experience itself."


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