Guy Who Slashes Women's Tires to Meet Them Does It Twice to the SAME Woman

This guy has a HORRIBLE pickup technique . . . and apparently a pretty bad memory too.

There's a 32-year-old guy named Yoshito Harda in Japan. And his way of trying to meet women is . . . slashing their tires, then driving up and offering to help them out when they get back to their cars.

He pulled that move on a 43-year-old woman while she was grocery shopping a few weeks ago. And she thought it was suspicious . . . because the EXACT SAME THING happened to her one year earlier.

Yep . . . apparently Yoshito had already tried the "tire slash and rescue" move on this woman and forgot.

She reported it to the police, and they tracked down Yoshito. It turns out he's been busted for this at least two times before . . . and his lawyer admitted he's probably pulled the move around 1,000 TIMES.

Oh . . . and he's clearly failed every one of those times, because he's still single.

He's facing several charges. 

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