There Are More Pets Lost On July 4th Than Any Other Day Of The Year

While most people love fireworks on the Fourth of July, the same cannot be said for animals, so you need to take extra care with your cat or dog this weekend.

According to Nationwide Insurance, more pets are lost over the July 4th holiday than any other day of the year. What’s more, July 5th is one of the busiest days for animal shelters because of pets running away due to fireworks. 

But there are things you can do to protect your furry friends this weekend, and make sure, even if they do run away, you’ll be reunited. They include:

·Microchip your pet – A collar with an up-to-date ID tag is important but it can be easily removed, so a microchip will give you a much better chance of being reunited with a lost animal.

·Use your pet ID tag wisely – Don’t waste space with a pet’s name, or your name and address. Instead, put as many phone numbers as you can on an ID, including area codes. You can also add the word Reward, for an incentive to return your animal.

·Talk to yourvet about anti-anxiety meds – There are safe and effective meds to treat noise phobia in pets, make sure to pick some up before the holiday.

·Keep your pet secure at home – Don’t take your pet out on the fourth, but if you must make sure they are on a leash. Once fireworks begin, bring them inside, pull the drapes so they are safe from the bright lights, and turn on “white noise” to help block out the sound. Music can help too, with classical music known to be calming. There are even playlists out there specifically designed to relax pets.

·Begin looking for escaped pets right away – Don’t waste any time if your pet escapes. Contact area shelters as soon as they open, and post information in online groups and community forums. Post flyers in your neighborhood, and check sheds, garages and other possible hiding places.

·Keep looking – Don’t give up hope if they aren’t found right away. Pets can be found weeks and months after being lost. 

Source: Nationwide Image © 2020 Getty Images

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