It Appears "Skin Hunger" Is A Thing

People need to feel other people's skin.

That's what a new study shows us as this is the first time so many people have been apart from other people for a prolonged period of time. Thanks to the coronavirus and the quarantine efforts, the negative side effects are plenty for people who are alone.

In fact, a recent poll found that 54 percent of Canadians feel lonely and isolated due to the pandemic. Some people have started to talk about being “touch-deprived,” or starved for human touch. According to experts, that’s because humans actually need the human touch to survive.

People who experience a lack of touch may start to exhibit some symptoms of depression as well as feelings of hopelessness, stress, anger, and low motivation. These are all common signs that somebody is skin hungry and in need of touch. 

I tried to explain this to my wife but she wasn’t having any of it. J

Source: GlobalNews Image © 2020 GettyImages

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