What's the Silliest Product You Immediately Hoarded?

When the whole panic-buying thing first started, what's the silliest thing you immediately stocked up on . . . so now you've got WAY too much of it? Here are some of the best answers we've seen online . . .

1. Eight giant bottles of ketchup.

2. A ton of Chef Boyardee, even though they hadn't eaten it since the '90s.

3. WAY too many eggs. A lot of people said they bought too much milk and bread too.

4. Three tubs of hummus, even though no one in their family eats it.

5. A ton of quinoa, even though they hate quinoa.

6. A case of Spam.

7. A, quote, "uncomfortable amount of pistachios."

8. 32 mini packets of yeast to make bread . . . even though they've never made bread.

9. About four years' worth of mayonnaise. 

(Delish / BuzzFeed / Instagram) Image © 2020 Getty Images

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