Woman Does Her Own Detective Work, Tracks Down the People Who Stole Her SUV

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There's a woman named Danielle Reno in Kansas City, Missouri. And last Tuesday night, she stopped at a convenience store and left her SUV running. She was only inside briefly . . . but three women stole her SUV and drove off.

Danielle filed a police report . . . but decided to also handle things herself. Instead of canceling her credit cards that were in the SUV, she left them open . . . so she could monitor how the thieves were using them.

Over the course of the next two days, she monitored where the thieves were going. Eventually, they used the cards at a gas station near Danielle's house . . . and Danielle rushed there to ask for information.

A clerk said she heard the women talking about going to a nearby restaurant. So Danielle headed to the place, sat down, and waited. And eventually, the thieves drove up in her SUV and walked in.

Danielle stole back her SUV . . . then called the cops. And she livestreamed all of it on social media.

The cops went to the restaurant, and the women were arrested. 

(Kansas City Star) Image © 2019 GettyImages

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