Kesha Reveals The 3 Albums She Put 'Every Fiber' Of Her 'Being Into'

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Kesha just released one of the most innovative albums from an established pop artist in recent memory and is getting ready to take the album, Gag Order, on tour later this year. As she prepares for the highly-anticipated American tour, the pop star sat down with to pick the 10 most important songs of her career.

"There are three albums I know in the history of my life that I have put every fiber of my f—ing being into — AnimalRainbow, and now Gag Order," Kesha told the website. "I'm incredibly proud of what [Gag Order] is, and who I've become through the process of it."

When Gag Order, which she described as a "post-pop emotional exorcism," dropped on May 19th, Kesha took to Instagram to talk about what the album means to her. "I have put every ounce of my truth into this album. The stakes have never felt higher. When creating it with Rick Rubin, I wanted it to sound like life or death, because that’s how it has felt," she explained. "I wanted to give a sound to the feelings. I pray that you love this as much as I do. I love you and thank you for listening. I hope this finds all that need it. You’re not alone."

Check out the 10 songs Kesha chose and read her explanation at Also, be sure to check out our own ranking of Kesha's singles!

  • "TiK ToK" - Animal (2009)
  • "Blow" - Cannibal (2010)
  • "Cannibal" - Cannibal (2010)
  • "Bastards" - Rainbow (2017)
  • "Praying" - Rainbow (2017)
  • "Raising Hell" - High Road (2020)
  • "Eat the Acid" - Gag Order (2023)
  • "Hate Me Harder" - Gag Order (2023)
  • "Only Love Can Save Us Now" - Gag Order (2023)
  • "Happy" - Gag Order (2023)

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