Army Cadets Trying to Get Navy’s Goat End Up Stealing the Wrong One

Army v Navy

Photo: Getty Images

In keeping with a decades-long tradition, Army cadets from West Point recently undertook a secret mission: to steal “Bill the Goat” from the Naval Academy to “undermine preparations for the upcoming Army-Navy game.”

It’s not a new thing It’s happened at least ten times. This time, however, the boys missed their mark.

It seems that the goat that the cadets made off with was named “Bill,” but it was the wrong one.

Instead of grabbing the 37th “Bill” that currently holds the title of “mascot,” they grabbed the 35th bill, who is “arthritic, 14-years-old, and only has one horn.

“Sheepishly,” the goat was returned unharmed. Ba-doom HEY!

The Army-Navy game is scheduled for December 11th at MetLife Stadium.

Source: The Daily Beast Image © 2021 Getty Images

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