Either Listen To My Show 2-7p OR Take a 5-Hour Bus Tour to Put You to Sleep

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Your choice is clear and one won’t cost you anything.

You could either listen to my show anytime between 2 and 7p to help you get your afternoon nap… OR… as every parent knows, driving around for hours can put your baby to sleep. So, a bus line thought, why not offer the same type of service to ADULTS?

A bus company in Hong Kong just launched a new, five-hour tour of the city that's specifically meant to put people to sleep.

It's a double-decker bus, and the entire tour is 47 miles but goes nowhere special. It starts with a, quote, "Food Coma Lunch" described as a two-course "western meal."

There are two stops where people can hop off and take photos if they want to. And there are a few more drop-off points for anyone who doesn't want to do the full five hours.

But the whole point of the tour is to fall asleep . . . because some people claim they get their BEST sleep on public transportation.  (???)

Each ticket costs between $13 and $51 depending on the type of seat you want.

There are four types: Two "zero-decibel" sections in economy and business class . . . an "extra-legroom" section for people who want to stretch out . . . and a "VIP Panorama Cabin" on the upper deck for people who actually want to look at stuff.

People who buy tickets are encouraged to bring a pillow and blanket. 

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