Disgruntled Employee Gets 6 Months In Jail …for Releasing RATS at Work

Photo: Getty Images

I've heard of people getting angry at their job and thinking sinister thoughts… but THIS is somehow even more of a nightmare.

A 61-year-old man in Ireland has just been sentenced to six months in prison for releasing RATS in his office. He worked for the county government, and he'd been there for 23 years . . . but then had a falling out with his manager.

He brought the rats into the office and set them free at night, and when everyone arrived in the morning, there was rat poo everywhere. The guy was RATTED OUT by security footage, which showed him bringing them in.

The rats caused almost $3,500 in damage. In addition to the six month prison sentence, the man had to cover the $3,500 cleaning bill.

The judge said it was a "uniquely wicked" act because of all the effort he put into finding, catching, and releasing the rats.

No word if a pied-piper was called in for the rat removal.

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