Halloween Crime: Guy Arrested for Throwing a Pumpkin at a Lady's Head

Man ready to lob a pumpkin

Photo: Getty Images

Here's a crime you'll only see in October: A 40-year-old guy in Pittsburgh is facing charges for throwing a PUMPKIN at a woman's head.

His name is James Gazis, and he was at home when he heard his wife start yelling at someone outside.

The woman she was yelling at was their neighbor's mom, who was there picking up her grandkids. Yes, he threw a pumpkin at a GRANDMOTHER.

James's wife was angry because the woman was parked in front of THEIR house. She also claimed the woman almost hit their child when she pulled up. But footage from a security camera showed that wasn't really true.

James came running out . . . believed whatever his wife was saying . . . and threw a pumpkin at the woman's windshield.

Then he tossed another one through her driver's side window and it hit her in the face. She ended up with a concussion. He also got into a fistfight with his neighbor, who was the victim's son.

James is facing charges for aggravated assault, and, quote, "propulsion of MISSILES."  (Under Pennsylvania law, a "missile" is anything you throw, shoot, or propel into someone's car that could injure them.) 

(WPXI) (Here's his mugshot.) Image © 2021 Getty Images

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