Guy Gets Arrested for Driving Up to Toll Plazas... Without His Clothes On

Tappan Zee Bridge toll plaza

Photo: Getty Images

Most people do not get excited to drive up to a toll plaza, but apparently this guy had some sort of misunderstanding as to what an “Easy Pass” is…

A 41-year-old man in Florida named Mark Fillyaw repeatedly drove up to the cash booths of toll plazas . . . completely without clothes on. Toll workers told state troopers he was "showing his nether regions." And it happened at least seven times this month.

He was finally nabbed over the weekend, and he was connected to the previous incidents with surveillance footage. It's unclear if he was also nude when he was caught.

He was hit with several indecent exposure charges.

(Orlando Sentinel / Positively Osceola) (Here's his mugshot.)

(Unfortunately for Mark, this is an ENDANGERED practice. As we all know, many toll plazas – including here in NY - are switching to automated systems to cut costs . . . so he'll be out of luck then.)  (???)

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