Guy Got Complaints Because of a Loud Stereo. He Wasn’t Home It Was His CAT.

Old music speaker in foreground, red cat and record

Photo: iStockphoto

Do you listen to music at a reasonable volume, or are you listening to us at "11" right now? 

A police department in Spain got a bunch of noise complaints last Saturday night after some guy turned his stereo up full blast, and his neighbors couldn't sleep.

They expected to find a big party going on. But when they got there, no one was home. So who did it? It turns out the guy's CAT knows how to turn his stereo on and likes using its paws to spin the knob that controls the volume.

He explained it all to the cops when they called his cell phone. Then he drove straight home to turn it off, and found his cat rocking out to music all by itself.

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