Guy Calls Out Sick, Gets Caught at a Bar, Judge Says He Shouldn't Be Fired?

This seems like something you could OBVIOUSLY be fired for. But maybe not . . .

Right before the pandemic hit last March, a 66-year-old guy in England named Colin Kane called in sick to work . . . then got caught hanging out at a BAR. So his company FIRED him.

He's a heavy smoker and has a lung condition. And when his boss called him on a Monday, he said he had to stay in bed all day. But then someone spotted him out at a bar drinking beer and smoking while he was still out sick on Tuesday.

They fired him for it, but then he sued for wrongful termination. And a judge just ruled that he SHOULDN'T have been fired.

The company's handbook doesn't specifically say you can't go out and socialize in public if you've called in sick. And that's why the judge sided with him.

He's due back in court soon, when they'll decide how much money the company has to pay him for wrongful termination. 

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