Is Stress Driving You to Junk Food? A New Study Says That's A Myth

Here's some bad news if you find yourself neck deep in a pool of gravy after a bad day and say, "This isn't my fault, I'm eating this way because of the stress."

A new study out of the University of Cambridge in England found there's no connection between having a lot of stress and losing your self-control when it comes to eating a whole bunch of junk food. The two things just aren't related in our brains.

Quote, "Binge eating is not caused by stress-induced impulsivity. Stress alters brain activity . . . but doesn't prompt binge eating, contrary to theory."

Now . . . they didn't say whether eating all that food makes you feel BETTER after a stressful day. So maybe stress doesn't lower your willpower . . . but lowering your willpower can help you cope with stress? 

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