Guy Faked a Kidnapping to Get Out of Having to Go to Work

If you hate your job enough that you'd go THIS FAR to miss it for just one day . . . you're way, way past the point of needing to quit.

There's a 19-year-old guy named Brandon Soules in Coolidge, Arizona. And earlier this month, the police found him near a water tower with his hands tied behind his back and a bandana stuffed in his mouth.

He told the cops he'd been kidnapped by two men in masks who knocked him out, drove him around, then dumped him by the water tower.

The police investigated . . . and they couldn't find any evidence he'd been kidnapped. Surveillance videos didn't back up his story, and there were some inconsistencies in it, too.

So on Wednesday, Brandon was arrested for making a false report.

He wound up admitting he'd made up the entire thing . . . so he could get out of his job at a tire shop for the day.

After he was arrested, they fired him . . . so maybe in the big picture, this worked out okay for him in the end? 

(ABC 15 - Phoenix(Here's his mugshot, plus a photo of him tied up when the cops found him.) Image © 2020 Getty Images

Muted and tied up businessman at work

Muted and tied up businessman at work