Someone Almost Burned Down House Putting a Christmas Tree in the Fireplace

There's a right way to get rid of your Christmas tree and a wrong way. The right way? Take it out to the curb and . . . um . . . someone will pick it up eventually. The wrong way? This.

On Saturday, someone in McKinney, Texas tried to get rid of their Christmas tree by putting it in their FIREPLACE and lighting it up.

And yeah . . . that doesn't work. Dried needles and sap catch on fire way too fast, and leads to tons of smoke.

Plus, these people only put the top of their Christmas tree into the fire, so the fire spread down the tree and into their living room.

Fortunately, the fire department was able to put it out before the house burned down . . . but there was smoke and fire damage to the house. 

(NBC 5 - Dallas/Fort Worth(Here's a picture of the burnt up tree.) Image © 2020 Getty Images