A 9 Foot Python Tries To Eat Woman Who Attempted To Rescue It

They say no good deed goes unpunished and a snake lover in Australia figured that out rather quickly while she tried to rescue a nine-foot python under her car. 

The snake wasn't impressed with her help and turned on her immediately as it coiled itself around her leg.

The woman had been working in her garage when she noticed her cat had cornered the snake under a car. 

She called local authorities for help and was swimming in apologies for the officers who told her not to worry as it was "the most interesting job they have had all day."

When officers offered to help put the snake "back into its pen" she explained, "It's not mine, he's wild." 

Once the police got the snake to release her leg, the woman put the python back into the grass beside her driveway before thanking the police.

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