Throwback Thursday - "Roughing It" in the Great Outdoors with the Daily's

We had such a great time. I used all the skills I learned in Boy Scouts, including knot tying! It's not like we were in the deep woods, but it was secluded enough for us to feel very outdoorsy. I did not go without shaving however--couldn't quite bring myself to be that outdoorsy. I did NOT, however, polish my shoes. Or wear a tie.

We carted everything in our Family Truckster--a small Mercury Lynx wagon. I don't remember what year it was. 

The campground was in the Catskills somewhere, and our site was along this wonderful stream, good for wading, as you can see. I'm pretty sure Charlotte was pregnant with Aubrey at the time, but not so pregnant she couldn't sleep comfortably on the ground. 

We haven't camped since (not because of the sleeping on the ground part). We just never got around to it. All our stuff is in the attic, and if it hasn't dry rotted, we plan to go again in the, hopefully, not too distant future. We'd love to camp by the ocean. In fact, I brought all our camping gear down from the attic last night, so that's a step in the right direction.

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook

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