Alicia Keys Teaches Us How to Start Meditating & More

Alicia Keys has released an acoustic version of her single “Underdog” for first responders and medical professionals amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Grammy winner, who performed the single during iHeartRadio’s Living Room Concert for America benefit, phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, April 1, and shared how listeners can start meditating to ease stress.

“We’re just figuring it out; I think it’s all a bit strange and we’re all concerned and worried for each other and I think in a way it’s kind of the first time that maybe as a planet we’ve felt that way,” Keys, who is safe at home with her family and kids, shared while discussing the ever-spreading Coronavirus.

To help ease anxiety during these uncertain times, Alicia is a big proponent of meditation and shared anyone can start at any time or place.

“There’s different ways you can and there’s different styles,” she shared. “[Like] Deepak Chopra with Oprah and those are on a podcast that you can download and choose the ones that resonate with you. You can literally go online and YouTube and [search] ‘meditation’ and there’s definitely guided ones or whatever you can definitely seek it out.”

For Alicia though, she recommends just taking time for yourself every day, even for a couple minutes.

“You can also just be really simple,” she added. “I think starting simple and sitting for five minutes before you start your day. … You can just be quiet and think about maybe what you want to bring forth for yourself. … There’s a lot of things going on so even thinking about that and asking to remove those feelings or calm them down and inhale ten times real deep and exhale 10 times real deep and just sit for 5 minutes and get some privacy with what you’re thankful for and I think that’s a great start.”

Listen back to the full interview above for more, including why Alicia wanted to release an acoustic version of “Underdog” and other ways to even out your energy.

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