Tropical Smoothie Cafe Donates 100,000 Free Smoothies To Healthcare Workers

As we continue to face the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's always heartwarming to hear uplifting stories about people and companies lending support to healthcare workers in these trying times. Tropical Smoothie Cafe recently announced a mission to donate 100,000 smoothies nationwide to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the outbreak.

The promotion is called the "In It Together Campaign" and has challenged each of its locations to donate 100 smoothies to local healthcare workers. Within just one day of being called on, local franchise owners have eagerly agreed to participate in the campaign, with some committing to donate at least 600 smoothies locally.

"Our family of franchisees and crew are tirelessly working to donate thousands of smoothies to those serving on the frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis. We won’t stop spreading smoothie sunshine until we’ve given away 100,000 smoothies to first responders," the company wrote on Twitter alongside a number of photos of their efforts.

"In cafes across the country, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe family is working tirelessly to support our local communities, which are currently facing unprecedented hardship," said Charles Watson, CEO of Tropical Smoothie Cafe told Fox News. "Our safety is dependent upon the selfless, hard work of our local healthcare workers and first responders and we want to help them in any way we can. The 100K smoothie giveaway is a simple, but impactful example of one way we can show our gratitude and bring a smile to their face, one sip at a time."

Photo: Tropical Smoothie King

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