Can Your Couch Handle You Being On It More? The Answer Is YES.

If you feel like you've spent so much time on your couch over the past few weeks that it's going to wear out . . . don't worry, it can handle it.

People hold onto couches for an average of 12 years. And a new survey calculated just what the average couch experiences during that time. Check it out . . .

1. 7,482 hours of TV, or roughly 12 hours a week.  (That seems low. But maybe it includes that plastic-covered couch in your childhood home that kids were NOT allowed to sit on. It saw zero hours of TV, pulling down the average.)

2. 6,960 spills, or about 11 a week.  (That seems high, even with kids.)

3. 5,248 hours on social media, or about eight-and-a-half hours a week.

4. 4,293 hours of sleeping or napping, or about seven hours a week.

5. 4,428 kisses, or about one a day.

6. And the remote getting lost 900 times, or once or twice a week. 

(Brighton & Hove Independent) Image © 2020 GettyImages

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