Rwandan Man Ignores Coronavirus Lockdown And Dies While Fishing

Here's an incentive to stay home: A Rwandan man decided that he was going to breach a nationwide lockdown because of the coronavirus and go fishing. That turned out to be a really bad decision. 

The man eventually died but not from the coronavirus. He was eaten by an alligator. The man was fishing in the Nyabarongo River Wednesday morning when the crocodile came out and attacked him. Kayitesi, mayor of the southern Kamonyi district, said the unidentified man was "among very few people" to breach a two-week lockdown instituted over the weekend.

Residents of Rwanda, which - as of this writing - has 40 confirmed cases of COVID-19, are permitted to leave their homes only for essential services such as grocery shopping and to seek medical care. Fishing was not on that list of exceptions. 

Source: New York Post Image © 2020 GettyImages

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