Today is Proposal Day!

Today is Proposal Day. The first day of Spring is also known as the day to ask the love of your life to marry you! Today begins something new...a new season, and when you have an opportunity for a fresh start, celebrating with the beginning of your new journey together, can begin today!

(I've shared this before....but I love telling the story....12 years later.....)

The husband proposed to me on a beach in July.....stop, he's not a hopeless romantic, we were just on vacation and I THINK with a little help, he brought a shell from NY and put this note inside of it. (Do you see the shell in the phone), He then tossed the shell on the beach that had NO shells. We were in Ocean City, MD and the poor guy planted the shell, which I found (after he pointed it out to me, LOL) and as I was digging out the note, he dropped to one knee and VOILA, I became a Fiance! <3

I'd LOVE to hear your story.

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