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Hi all. I'm speaking to you today from my secret underground headquarters (i.e. basement) in Walden. I know I'm semi-retired and have been able to enjoy more time at home since last Christmas Eve, but I have to say I really am enjoying it. There seems to be plenty to do (notice how neat my desk is), and I've been busy working on some nice home projects involving . . . you guessed it . . . PAINT! Not the front porch yet, but some touch-ups in several places that have needed doing for awhile--you know how fast things can get ahead of you. I find I enjoy painting--it's very relaxing. Of course I am always accompanied by my trusty radio.

Which brings me to my point: at this time when we are all sticking close to home, you're never really alone when the radio is on. Think about it. You can be all by yourself, but the minute you turn on the radio you're listening with hundreds, even thousands of others. You become part of a community without even leaving your home. And I'm happy, whether I'm at home or on the air, to be in that community with you! "See you" Saturday morning at 10:00 on Q92!

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