Model Claims She Was Kicked Off Tinder For Being Too Hot

All sorts of people use Tinder to find love, even models, however one claims she's run into a problem because she is just too good looking. 26-year-old Los Angeles native Holly Valentine signed up on the app as a way to meet people in the cities she travels to for her job. She paid for a membership and uploaded photos that, unlike the ones on her Instagram, were all safe for work, because she says she is shy when it comes to dating. However, hours later, her inbox was full of messages saying her account was fake and she was then locked out of the app.

She tried to download Tinder again but it didn't work. Holly explained to the Daily Mirror that she paid $86 for a top tier membership that lets her set her location to anywhere so she could meet people across the globe. Among the messages she got soon after said things like "You're probably not real" and "Why would a girl like you be on Tinder?"

She contacted Tinder to figure out what was going on and while they fully refunded her, they didn't explain why they locked her out.

Although Holly has over a million followers on Instagram, many of who propose marriage to her, she knows that might not be the best way to meet people.

Holly described her self has being a genuine "girl next door" explaining, "I'm all natural, very fit, blonde, girl next door looking. I do have a nerdy side and I'm not afraid to show it but depending on the wardrobe or makeup I can go from looking like an all natural college girl or a bombshell."

No word on if Holly is trying to get Tinder to give her a second chance.

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