Turns Out There Are A Lot Of Benefits To Being A Napper

Woman asleep on sofa with pet dog

Woman asleep on sofa with pet dog

For a lot of people there’s that point in the middle of the day where even a few minutes of a snooze would do wonders, and a new survey reveals those naps could be a really good thing. 

The poll finds that nappers describe themselves in more positive ways than those who don’t. For example:

·93% of nappers say they are a productive person, something only 85% of non-nappers say.

·90% of nappers say they are happy, as compared to 79% of non-nappers.

·Nappers are also more likely than non-nappers to say they are confident (89% vs. 79%).

·They are more likely to describe themselves as career driven (75% vs. 55%).

·83% of nappers say they have a healthy work-life balance, while only 60% of non-nappers say the same.

If that didn’t already tell you everything, it seems nappers love napping so much there’s a bunch of strange stuff they’d be willing to do, just to get a nap. They include:

·Go back in time and relive high school (33%)

·Live with your parents for the rest of your life (32%)

·Live in a studio apartment with your childhood bully for one year (30%)

·Give up Netflix for life (29%)

·Give up using Uber for five years (28%)

·Never have access to WiFi ever again (27%)

·Give up sex for a year (25%)

·Live alone in the woods with no electricity for three months (24%)

·Give up all electronic devices for one month (24%)

·Only travel by foot anywhere you go for one year (22%)

Source: SWNS Digital Image © 2020 GettyImages

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