Roses for Valentine's Day....The Meaning of the Color <3

Many are anticipating what their sweetheart will gift them today for Valentine's Day. If you're sending or maybe will receive roses for the holiday, it's recommended to just gift a single rose. A single rose is very symbolic especially because of the color...a lone red rose means, 'I Love You Forever', a lone white rose means, 'The Feelings I Have for You are Pure'....a lone yellow rose means, 'Friends for Life' or 'You Light Up My Life' (I like that....yellow is so beautifully bright!) A lone pink rose means, 'I Like You', a single orange rose means, 'I'm Proud of You', peach....'Thanks A Lot', lavender, 'You Enchant Me' and a single blue rose means, 'I Trust You'!

Enjoy this lovely day, love is one of the most important parts of our humanity <3

Photo courtesy: and Michelle Taylor's iPhone

What does a box of chocolate covered cherries mean? That's what I got for the husband ;)

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