A Woman Wants To Skip Wedding Of Her Sister Who’s Marrying Her Ex

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Need a GREAT reason to skip a family wedding? Try this on. A woman recently shared on social media that her sister is about to get married...to the woman's ex-boyfriend. If that isn’t bad enough, the sister is also pregnant, AND she and the ex got together when he was still with her sister!

The poster says that when the sister and the ex first got together most people - including the fam - were on the her side, but now that they're getting married, things have changed. Even the mom is trying to get the woman to make up with her sister, saying her "future niece deserves to have a loving extended family and a loving aunt.”

But the scorned woman just can’t move past it. "I don't want to just play happy families and let it go," she says, adding she doesn’t want to go to the wedding because “I have zero interest in celebrating their love.” The internet of course had its share of opinions.

In the end the woman says that she doesn’t think she can go to the wedding. "She broke my trust in a way I honestly feel like I can't recover from," she says. “I just can't let it go that she did this to me."

Source: Café Mom Image © 2020 GettyImages

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