There's A Man Dressed As a Christmas Tree Roaming The Streets Of Manhattan

From CNN:

There's a man dressed as a Christmas tree roaming the streets of the Big Apple. He's Mr. Christmas Tree, and he's fast become one of New York City's most beloved holiday characters. Thomas Liberto, 46, has been making his holiday trip dressed as a Christmas tree for the past five years, visiting the city every year and reminding New Yorkers to smile every once in a while. A native of Bel Air, Maryland, Liberto told CNN he "figured New York was missing something" so he decided to create a self-made Christmas tree ghillie suit and make the trek to the city.

I have to say, I appreciate his commitment to the holiday season but I'm not sure I would have thought to walk around the City dressed as a tree...

What's the most festive thing you've done to prepare for the holidays this year?

Merry Christmas!