Mom Invites Son’s Entire Class To Birthday Party Except An Autistic Boy

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When are parents going to learn that you can’t single out one person and not get flack for it.

The latest instance comes from a mom who shared on a social website forum that she recently invited all 15 of her son’s classmates to his birthday party, except one, who is autistic. The woman writes that the boy, who she calls “David”, previously had “a meltdown” at another party, so she left him off the guest list because she wanted her “son to have a good party.”

Of course not long after the invites went out - word got around that “David” wasn’t invited and his mom was not pleased. “She told me that I am awful for excluding her son and that I’m teaching my son to discriminate,” the woman shares. “When I brought up the logistics and the past incident she told me that I’m a *BLANK* for assuming what her son can and can't do before hanging up.”

And as you can imagine, most people on the Internet agreed that the woman is, in fact a *BLANK*.

·“Even in her worst case scenario, if the kid would have a fit at the party, his mother would just remove him,” one person shared.

·Another person suggested the mom was wrong for not first talking to "David's" mother. As one person noted, “Easy to call [David’s] mom and say, ‘My son is having a birthday and your kid is invited! Is there anything I can do that might help the day go well?,” Would you like to come as well?’”

Source: Scary Mommy Image © 2019 Getty Images


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