Throwback Thursday - Army Tailgate Shows

We started our Tailgate Show two hours before kick-off at every Army home game. Each broadcast began with one of the Army Cadet Bands playing "On Brave Old Army Team," the traditional fight song that goes back to 1910!

Each week we welcomed a number of special guests. Here I am interviewing some visiting cheerleaders, while our Show's Producer, Anietra Guzman, was keeping the proceedings on time and organized, like no one else could.

This is Bob "The Announcer" Dayton. Any long-time and current Hudson Valley radio listener would recognize his distinctive and commanding voice. Here he is announcing the start of the Tailgate Show "Live! from the Holleder Center at West Point!"

Fine gentleman, Chris Zerafa, took care of everything behind the scenes to make sure our broadcast went flawlessly each week, working closely with Anietra, Bob Dayton, Bob Outer (long-time voice of Army Football) Dean Darling (Color Commentator for the games) and Craig "Speedbump" Shenkman (who was our traffic reporter). It looked so easy, casual and fun, it's surprising even to me how many people it took to make the Show happen.

It's wasn't like any other pre-game show, the kind that delivers serious commentary, team statistics and predictions, etc.; we had live bands, cheerleaders, games, interviews with Generals and fans, but mostly a lot of fun.

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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