Group of Teachers Pool Money To Replace Student’s Stolen Bike

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A special education student in California was devastated when someone stole his bicycle, but teachers at his school came together to buy him a new one.

Isaah Barrios, 16, uses his bike to get to and from Grace Davis High School in Modesto, and was recently followed to school by someone, who ended up swiping the bike.

Teachers felt bad for Barrios and drama teacher Lindsay Bryan started collecting donations to replace his wheels. She says people were really generous and within half an hour, she had $600. It was more than enough to buy a brand new bike for Barrios and now the rest of the money will be given to the holiday fund to buy gifts, meals, and coats for other kids in need at the school.

Barrios is thankful for the new bike and says, “It’s better than the one I had before.”

Source: My Fox 8 Image © 2019 GettyImages


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