A List of Once Popular Slang Terms No Longer Used Anymore

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These days we’re used to all sorts of slang terms like stan, lit, bae and more, and while they may sound ridiculous, people forget that every generation has their own slang, which usually dies off after some time.

Well, now 24/7 Wall Street has come out with a list of once-popular slang words and phrases that no one uses anymore, and if you are, you may be older than you think.

Popular slang terms that have become obsolete include (and when they were first used):

·Egad (17th Century) – used to express surprise or anger.

·Scaramouche (17th Century) – A boastful or cowardly person.

·Gadzooks (17th Century) - An expression of surprise or annoyance.

·Bumper (17th Century) – A generous glass of an alcoholic rink.

·Fandangle (19th Century) - A useless or purely ornamental thing.

·Coxcomb (16th Century) - A vain and conceited man, or dandy.

·Buss (16th Century) – A kiss.

·Floppy Disc (20th Century) - Used for data storage from the mid-1970s up.

·Forsooth (pre-12th Century) – meaning indeed.

·Rapscallion (17th Century) – A mischievous person.

·Jakes (16th Century) – An outdoor toilet.

·Cutpurse (14th Century) – A pickpocket.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street Image © 2019 GettyImages


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