Guy Survived A Bison Attack & Goes On Date With Girl Who Also Gets Attacked


You would have to think that at some point these two people would stop going for hikes. 

A Utah man named Kyler Bourgeous was at Antelope Island State Park in Utah a few months back when out of nowhere, he was attacked by a bison. The animal charged him and ended up goring him. Kyler had a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and other internal injuries but he somehow survived the attack.

Well, over the weekend he went on a date with a woman named Kayleigh Davis and they went back to Antelope Island State Park. Sure enough, Kayleigh was met by an angry bison and also got attacked while Kyle watched. She wound up with a broken ankle and a huge cut on her leg where the bison gored her but, she too survived.

Not sure if a second date has been planned or if they will ever go outside again. 

Source: WAFB Image © 2019 GettyImages


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