Expecting Mothers Are Lining-Up For “The Labor Inducer” Burger

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A popular burger at a Minneapolis restaurant is often ordered by customers who are desperate … to have their baby. The restaurant calls it “The Labor Inducer” because it’s helped at least two women go into labor within hours of eating it.

It all started when the owners were testing out new recipes to enter into a burger competition. Restaurant co-owner Kelsey Quarberg, who was very pregnant at the time, picked the recipe and she was such a fan, she ate the whole thing. And later that night, she went into labor and the burger became known as “The Labor Inducer.”

A woman named Katy Engler gave it a try on her due date when she says she was “very done” being pregnant. It worked for her and her baby girl was born later that night. That helped the burger earn its reputation and now pregnant women are coming in for their burger fix, hoping the magic works for them too. There are all kinds of old wives tales out there about what will get labor going, but at least with this one you get a burger.

“Every pregnant woman on the planet past her due date has probably tried them all,” Engler says, “so why not try this one?”

Source: ABC 13 Image © 2019 Getty Images


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