It's National Ask a Stupid Question Day, Teachers Have Heard Some Winners


Let me start off by saying it’s true that the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. There is no shame in wanting to know an answer to something that puzzles you no matter what it is.

BUT having said that, if you've always wanted to ask why Goofy can talk but Pluto can't, why eleven isn't pronounced "onety-one," or why fish don't have to wait 30 minutes to go swimming after they eat . . . it's your lucky day! 

Apparently, today is National Ask a Stupid Question Day. So let 'em fly.

In honor of the holiday, some teachers shared the dumbest question they ever heard. And here are some highlights . . .

1. "Are bears still real?"

2. "Can you get from America to Africa on a jet ski?"

3. "What are those pyramid shaped things in Egypt called?"

4. "If there's a speed of light, what's the speed of dark?"

5. "Is breast milk 1% or 2%?"

6. "If you're sterile, can you pass that on to your children?"

7. "Where is the Great Wall of China?" 

(Days of the Year / Reddit) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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