Woman Goes To Jail for a Police Chase . . . Because She Was Late to Work

Motorists Wave At O.J. Simpson During Police Freeway Pursuit

Back in March, a cop in Newburgh Heights, Ohio tried to pull over a 23-year-old woman named Imani Edwards during morning rush hour for tinted windows and no car registration. But she refused to stop . . . and sped off.

She wound up getting into a chase, which included her RAMMING into three cop cars . . . and not stopping until they finally forced her off the road and she hit a pole.

And when the cops arrested her, she told them she didn't stop . . . because she was LATE FOR WORK.

She was in court this week and, well, looks like she's going to be missing a lot more work. Because she was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison. 

(Fox 8 - Cleveland) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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