Ready, Set, GO!.....Our Wedding Weekend is Underway!

THIS is my Lovely Nicole, celebrating her Sweet 16, nine years ago....and now, we'll be celebrate her wedding to my future son-in-law, Nick! I've been having fun with 'Nikki', sending her photos of my progress getting ready for her big day this Saturday!

First stop, to get my hair done!!! And I mean DONE! While at the salon I saw this on the make up stylist's you see the heart? This is very symbolic as Nikki and I send each other photos of things we feel look like hearts! Our book will be published in 2020, to date over 150 photo!

Then it was time to 'get my wax on'!

NOW I'm 'classy', with my mani and pedi all set!!! the dark of night, the trip to pick up the 'Father of the Bride's' tuxedo. I think the Husband is more nervous than the Bride...oh brother!


Photos courtesy, Michelle Taylor iphone


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