Weird Things You Can Carry on to a Plane… and 5 you CAN’T

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Today's the best day to book plane tickets for Christmas, according to a study out this week. Now here's something for the actual day you fly: A bunch of weird things the TSA explicitly says you CAN carry on to a plane: 

Antlers . . . fake skeletons . . . rocks . . . a football helmet . . . a tea kettle . . . fresh eggs . . . a Geiger counter for measuring radiation . . . Cheese graters . . . Harry Potter wands . . . a license plate . . . a live fish . . . a microwave, if the airline's cool with it . . . a parachute . . . and your own inflatable life vest if you don't want to use the one under your seat.  

Now here’s five weird things you're NOT allowed to carry on to a plane . . .

1. Magic 8 Balls. Because of the liquid inside.

2. Bowling pins. So if you're a professional juggler, you'll have to check them. Bowling BALLS are okay though.

3. Cast-iron cookware. Because it's heavy and could be used as a weapon.

4. Pool cues. Again, because they're like a weapon. Hockey sticks, ski poles, and lacrosse sticks are banned for the same reason.

5. Cooking sprays, like Pam. Because aerosols are flammable and might explode. 

(Like the can of dry shampoo we heard about this week that blew up in a hot car.)

(Huff Post / TSA) Image © 2019 GettyImages


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