Throwback Thursday - My Very First Radio Job

This was taken in the mid-70s! at WSUS in Franklin New Jersey. I was more than a little nervous, I can tell you. I worked Sunday afternoons. From noon to 2:00 I did a live show, playing "Town & Country Music." If I remember correctly, the left turntable was the "Town" one, where I played maybe Abba, The Beatles, James Taylor, etc.; and on the right turntable (the Country one), I played Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson and Ernest Tubb and the like. From 2:00 to 4:00 the station featured a live broadcast which was hosted by someone else (Cactus Pete--I kid you not), so I had time to vacuum and clean the building. (I didn't care--I was truly "livin' the dream".) Then, at 4:00 it was back to me! By the way, many of you have noticed the lapel pin I often wear, which is a tiny replica of the old classic microphone you see in this picture. Great memories.

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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