Mom Threatens to Go to Class With Her Troublemaker Son, and Actually Did It

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When a parent makes a threat, they have to follow through with it. Even a threat like this . . .

There's a woman named Becky Crandley in Kent, England. Her son is in eighth grade, and he started getting in trouble a lot at school last year. So she told him if he kept getting in trouble, she'd go to school WITH him.

Well, the school year started, and he kept getting in trouble.

So Becky cleared her punishment with the school . . . and on Friday, she surprised her son by showing up while he was in math class. 

She sat at the desk next to him for the entire class, and she says, quote, "He was very embarrassed for sure, I was introduced as his mom . . . [I've] had enough for sure. My foot is down and I will not lose." 

(Kent Live) (Here's a picture of Becky with her son in class.) Image © 2019 Getty Images


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