Gents if a Lady Does This On a Date, It Means She Not Into You

Street Style - LFW September 2019

Women are LESS likely to wear high heels if they are going on a date with an unattractive man because they don't want to be romantic with them, study claims

• Nearly 300 female university students in Slovakia were quizzed for the study

• They were asked if they would wear high heels or a flat sole shoe for two dates

• One was with a man considered to be attractive - the other was deemed not so much

• Some 60% said they would opt for high heels on a date with an attractive male

• In contrast, only 22% said they would wear the same shoes for the other date

The researchers, led by Dr. Pavol Prokop, added: “Females use various behavioural tactics in order to attract the attention of a desirable mate. Wearing high heels enhances female physical attractiveness for males, thus their use seems to be a powerful signal. [Heels] improve the lumbal curvature and alters the female's gait, reduces stride length and increases rotation and tilt of the hips.”

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