Top Cyborg Improvements We'd Want & "Improved Attractiveness" Made the List

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It's seeming more and more plausible that we'll all be CYBORGS in the near future. Linking our brains with computers is already happening. So what's the #1 cyborg upgrade YOU'D want?

A new survey asked 2,000 people. And here's how vain we are: Things like X-ray vision and breathing underwater did NOT make the top ten . . . but "IMPROVED ATTRACTIVENESS" did. Here are the top ten cyborg upgrades we want . . .

1. Perfect eyesight.

2. The power to heal quickly, like Wolverine.

3. Flawless memory and recall.

4. Super-intelligence.

5. Super-strength.

6. Improved agility.  (I love that we envision ourselves climbing walls and leaping over buildings . . . meanwhile, I haven't left the couch in a week.)

7. Perfect hearing.

8. Improved attractiveness.

9. The ability to learn a new language in seconds.

10. An internal battery, so you'd never run out of energy. A few that just missed the top ten are super-reflexes, the ability to fly, and being able to share memories. 

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