A Principal Helps A Teacher Give Birth Outside School


No matter how much you plan and prepare as an expectant mom, when the baby decides to come, there’s nothing you can doLindsay Ag-ba-lok-wu, a teacher in Colorado learned that the hard way when she headed to her Denver school to teach. Her plans of reading to middle schoolers and ended with her giving birth on the sidewalk outside. Due with her second child on September 17th, she blew off some cramps as Braxton Hicks, thesmaller contractions that can happen before labor starts.

But the pain intensified as the day went on and Lindsay asked her co-teacher to cover her classroom and to alert the principal. She says “the pain went from zero to 100” and she asked the principal to call 911 because she felt like the baby may be coming. They went outside to wait, but the baby wasn’t waiting.

Fortunately, someone had a sleeping bag in their car and the teacher laid down on the sidewalk while waiting for the ambulance. The 911 dispatcher gave delivery instructions to the dean of students and principal and after a few “terribly painful moments” baby Zara was born. The fire truck arrived and emergency workers took over, bringing mom and baby to the hospital.

Lindsay and Zara are now at home and doing well and the teacher isn’t really fazed by delivering her baby in front of her school with help from administrators. “I was in so much pain, I didn’t care that these people are my bosses — they are both parents,” Lindsay says. “They were my support people.”

Source: Yahoo Image © 2019 Getty Images


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