What I Did on My Summer Vacation ... Here Are A Few Pictures

Labor Day weekend included a family End of Summer Luau and BBQ, the first of many for our littlest grandchild, Max. He had a wonderful time. As you can plainly see.

All three of our delightful grandchildren posed for this picture, wearing their "Cousin Crew" tee shirts. Jack and Kaylee on either side of Max. I am definitely enjoying the whole grandfather thing.

Of course, every morning I could, I was out on the Walden-Wallkill Rail Trail just at sunrise with my bike. I'm never alone there.

Nothing like getting something done that you've been putting off. We start the season with really clean gutters! I used a new gizmo I received as a gift, not really expecting it to work. But, happily, it did! Of course I was covered with wet gutter debris when I was done, but that just made the experience more satisfying. Because, as you know, I'm very tough.

Thank you to the Lovely Michelle Taylor, who carried on by herself during my absence and did her customary great job!

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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