Where's The Worst Place Your Car Broke Down? We Share Ours.... #joechelle

Now with the convenience of having a cell phone, and hopefully cell phone service in a pinch, if your car should break down, you'd just make a call for help. Before cell phones were the norm, Joe's wife Charlotte was on 84 when her car broke down and Michelle was stuck on the Thruway heading to Syracuse!

Charlotte was heading east on 84 from Pennsylvania to New York, when her alternator died and she was able to coast down the ramp with no headlights, no engine....right into a gas station parking lot! She's Michelle's hero <3

Michelle was on her way to Syracuse to visit friends when her car broke down on the Thruway, her engine seized and she pulled over on the shoulder. Not being able to drive, a trucker pulled over, at the time he was the owner of the Cannastota Dirt Farm (so he said), she hopped in and he drove her to the next exit. Would she do this again...get into an 18 wheeler with a stranger?....never again!

Share your story! #joechelle

Photo courtesy: gettyimages.com


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